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My Trip to Cambodia was Amazing!! 


Hello Suki,

It has been a month since I went on Intrepid's 10 Night Cambodia Encompassed tour (Feb 2016), and I'm still dreaming of Cambodia! I've never been a fan of packaged tours, but this trip changed my mind. I had an amazing time!  This tour was the perfect balance of big-name and off-the-beaten-path sights.  The guide was fantastic, taking care of one of our travelers when he was sick and ensuring I always had great vegan meals to eat.  Our group got along great and some of us already have plans to visit each other.  The Cambodian people are some of the most welcoming and humble people I have ever met, and one can't help but come away from this trip with great respect for them and for everything they have been through as a country.  Cambodia will always be in my heart...gorgeous scenery, gracious people, an almost unreal sense of time that has stood still, and of course, unbeatable hour-long $5 massages!  I would go back in a heartbeat.  Please recommend this trip to all of your customers. Thanks Suki,  for all your help in putting this together for me   ~  T.M.


Angok Wat1.jpg

Angok Wat, Cambodia

Angok Wat2.jpg

Angok Wat, Cambodia

Angok Wat3.jpg

Angok Wat, Cambodia

Lake BattembangtoSiemRiep.jpg

Lake Battembang to Siem Riep, Cambodia

Phnom Pehn market.jpg

Market in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia

Phnom Pehn.jpg

Phnom Pehn, Cambodia



Most Memorable Vacation!! 


Hello Karren,
Just a short note to thank you for all you did to make our recent vacation memorable.
Everything was great! The hotel was excellent.. Pricey with the 18% Resort Fee – but then again . it was a great location and every hotel was pricey in San Juan.. the pool was great – .. the included breakfast was excellent and we also enjoyed the free Happy two hours! Like the fact that they also have set rates for cabs – shared $21 ride to Old San Juan amongst 4 or five of us each time.
They are now charging $12 US for the basic Casa Bacardi tour- plus $2 for ferry and $3 each way to Casa in a shuttle ( you can pay up to $45 US for the deluxe tour) – The last time we were there (2011) .. it was FREE – They just changed it to $12 last November. And the rum in the Bacardi store was not a cheap as it used to be.. it was actually cheaper to buy it at the CVS store when you get off the ferry in Old San Juan.We noticed that Canadians were not buying as much due to 1.43 exchange rate on US dollar.
The cruise was great! – Great food!.. Linda, Geoff and Victor and Mary all commented that the food on Carnival was better that the Royal Caribbean that they just came off.
The shows were lacking.. we didn’t get a song and dance show until 3 days into cruise and really only got 2 on the whole cruise. The comedians were not as good as past.. one had to do all the shows because the 2nd one was in a car accident and could not make the cruise.. they finally got a second comedian on 3 days later.  Some of the best shows were the Karaoke contestants that were far better than some of the Carnival singers.. they performed with the band at the Casino Bar.. impromptu.. several times.. they had a great competition amongst themselves.
The surprise party you arranged was pulled of!.. it remained a big surprise as I invited everyone to our room at 3 on our “At Sea Day”..Thank you so much for the beer and wine and the canapes, nuts and cheese tray. We asked for Happy Birthday Victor and Olivia to be on the cake – which they did. I have included some pictures of the goodies....Everyone blown away! Carnival did a great job with them.... so fancy! Thanks again!
Everyone was appreciative of all you do for us.. they all agree “You are the best!”
    DSCN3312w.jpg  DSCN3314w.jpg 
    DSCN3315w.jpg  DSCN3321w.jpg 
Planning is already beginning on next year... we are looking at all sorts of options from cruises to All-Inclusives.. will let you know when we decide on destinations.
Dan Du Gas

Great Greek Vacation!! 


Hi Karren,

Yes it was a fantastic trip and again we thank you for all your efforts in making our trip so wonderful!  

The taxi driver, Demitras from Athens was super nice guy and when our tour director called earlier and mentioned your name at George’s Taxi they seemed to know who you were :D  

We really appreciate those extra nights in Athens as it was definitely relaxing to unwind from those early 6:00 am wake up calls every morning on our tour....ughh I don’t even wake up that early for work but, yes it was worth it to spend a full day doing things!  

I didn’t realize there were so many extra optional tours to take and one would definitely need to budget extra monies for those as well as regular spending money.    They were definitely worth doing, although we didn’t do all of them.

The first thing we noticed upon arriving back to Canada was whoohoooo “toilet seats”!!   There were seriously no toilet seats in almost every public place in Italy and all the ladies were wondering wth?  Lol, so definitely good thigh muscle exercise squatting all the time haha.   Also we were also shocked back in Canada when a car “actually” stopped for us as we crossed the road!!  Pedestrians seriously do not mean anything both in Italy and Greece and you can easily get run over by either a car or scooter/motorbike ...which my sister almost got hit in Rome until I quickly grabbed her!! Wow crazy huh lol    It’s no big deal once you get used to the lifestyle of these crazy smart cars and scooters! haha   There’s no rules there for driving  including parking because cars literally “park” or “abandon” their vehicles wherever and in every direction possible as long as they “fit” especially around a stop sign hehe so crazy!

During our free times we definitely utilized our time by “walking everywhere” so we definitely got to see the local surroundings and the people especially in Rome and Athens.   Both are huge cities.  

In Rome after our 2nd day there we spent 6 hours touring the city with our group including the Colosseum and the Vatican, etc. and when we got back to the hotel we quickly refreshed for 30 min. And then us 4 walked all the way back into the City of Rome and hilariously found out we walked the entire tour we did that day including walking all the way back to the Colosseum haha...  We ate downtown in a bistro outside and the atmosphere in Rome at night was fabulous as  we sat on by a cobblestone restaurant by kinda like alley/sidewalk and scooters, dogs, and even a dump truck would drive past you 2 feet away while you’re eating! Lol Awesome!  No rules for vehicles! Lol..  You definitely have to eat Gelato Icecream if not everyday because it really isn’t that expensive and “everyone” eats it.... and the pizzas both in Greece and Italy does not even compare to Canada!   Its ridiculously amazing!  We ate homemade pizza & wine outside in bistro in Venice by the famous Rialto Bridge   Yummy!!  

europe ipad 217.JPG

Ummm after our first day alone in Athens we walked downtown almost to the Acropolis and then later at night we got lost walking and trying to read the dumb map of Athens where the streets do not have signs and there is no such thing as a “straight line” for a road..haha...  We found out where our hotel was which was a major road (Alexandria) and our landmark was this ginormous billboard directly across the street from our Zafolia Hotel!    We were never so happy to see our 5 naked Greek men!!! .... ummm “The Greek version of Magic Mike??!!” haha  


On our last day we spent the entire day at the Beach in Athens and just took the tram & subway there (only $1.40 euros one way).   Unbelievable beach we paid but it had floating apparatus like slides, swings, jungle gyms etc. like from the “Wipeout” show.  Was +34 so yes what a fun way to end our trip!!  

The cruise was great and we had a good time on all the islands of Patmos, Mykonos and Santorini.   We definitely loved renting the quad in Santorini and it would be something I would highly recommend to people.  The other people from our group did the optional excursion and they thought it was fine, but I think they would have loved to have rented a scooter/quad and spent the day doing that instead after everyone heard about our day.  There’s lots of places to rent there so it’s no worries.  You can easily see the entire island in a few hours if you want but we leisurely did it as well as went to Red Beach, which was fabulous.   Saw a wedding there on the beach!!   Santorini and the white houses with “blue dome roofs” is simply “breathtaking”!!!

europe ipad 730.JPG

All in all fantastic trip and awesome fun memories... Definitely highly recommend this trip to your clients!!
  ~  Johnnie & Susie Walker




3/5/2013 - Thanks from Cory & Suzie King

They booked their own vacation online, but their flights from Prince George were delayed and they weren't able to connect with the vacation package that they booked out of Vancouver. Because they booked online they didn't know who to call to resolve their travel issues. They were panicked when they came into our office thinking that they were going to miss their entire vacation.

Karren was able to save their vacation and they were so grateful when they left the office.
They will be booking their future vacations with a travel agent.

Thank you


Highly Recommend South Pacific 

1/14/2013 - The Seaward's enjoying their evening, on Bora Bora.


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