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DESTINATION WEDDINGS: What you need to know



• Valid passports
• Tourist card (receive upon arrival at Cancun Airport)
• Must be in Mexico four business days prior to wedding (weekends and holidays not recognized in Mexico do not   count)
• Blood test must be taken in Mexico
• Birth certificate that is Apostilled
All documents will be required to be translated into Spanish



• Must be in Dominican Republic 3 business days prior to wedding (weekends and nationally recognized holidays do not count)
• Parties must be at least 18 years of age
• Valid passport
• Original copies and photocopies of birth certificates, adoption certificates   (if applicable) and name deeds (if applicable)
• Single Status Affidavit and documents apostilled in Spanish for each party.  Originals must be brought with you to the property.
• Original and photo copies of the court decree absolute if divorced.  Bride must be legally divorced for a minimum of 10 months
• Original and photocopies of death certificates, if applicable



• Must arrive 24-hours prior, but recommend arrival three days prior to arrange
  details with Wedding Coordinator
• Notarized copies of bride and groom’s passports, birth certificates,
  and certificates of divorce or death when applicable
• Blood test is not required



• Wedding petition form and all legal documents must be sent to the resort three months prior to clients’ arrival
• The Wedding couple must arrive on island at least 4 working days prior to wedding celebration
• Certified copy of birth certificates of both issued within one year with an embossed seal and Apostille seal (On each separate 
   document). On the birth certificates needs to
state also names of the parents.
• The Wedding Petition Form must be signed by both the bride & groom with the same signature appearing in your passports.
• Copy of valid PASSPORTS with full names and signatures.
• If bringing own witnesses - Copy of passports of 6 witnesses - must be 18 years or older.
• If divorced, Certified Copy of the final divorce decree(s) with an embossed seal and Apostille Seal.
• If widowed, Certified Copy of the death certificate for deceased spouse and previous Wedding certificate with an embossed seal and
  Apostille Seal.

• Original Single Certificate (Documents of no record of marriage) issued by a register office in place of residence (issued 6 months
  Before wedding day) with an embossed
seal and the Apostille Seal- On each separate document.
• A blood test is NOT required.
• Non-Refundable Government fee US$ 300.00 for stays of 6 nights or less.



• Full name of both bride and groom.
• Passport numbers and nationality – The passport must be signed by the bearer.
• Place of birth (both Bride and Groom)
• Date of Birth (both Bride and Groom)
• Foreign address (both Bride and Groom)
• Occupation/Profession (both Bride and Groom)
• Marital Status - If you are divorced you must bring a copy of the divorce decree. It must indicate the date, city, state and the name
  of the court that issued the decree. If the Bride has
been divorced for less than 12 months she will have to present a negative
  Pregnancy test to
the nearest Costa Rica embassy or consulate to have it authenticated.
• The Brides parents full names, nationalities and address.
• The Grooms parents full names, nationalities and address.
• Two witnesses – A copy of their passport will be required. Anyone can serve you as witnesses even your close family or the
   Hotel employees.

• Street address and phone number where the finalized documents can be sent to in your home country.



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